Indus Star Map

Indus is a faint inconspicuous southern constellation located between Pavo and Grus and bordering on the polar constellation Octans. The area of Indus is 294 square degrees however it does not hold many interesting deep sky objects for our amateur telescopes. The brightest stars are between mag 3.1 and 4.4.

Alpha Indi (α) is an orange 3.1 magnitude star 10l ly away.

Theta Indi (θ) is a pair of stars – the primary a pale yellow 4.5 magnitude star and the companion a  mag 7 reddish star. A good object for small telescopes.

Epsilon Indi (ε) mag. 4.6 at a distance of 11.8 ly is one of the nearest stars to our sun. It is 80% our Sun’s diameter and 13% the luminosity.

Due to it’s similarity to our Sun it has been observed for motion which would suggest a companion planet may exist.

Two faint galaxies for those with larger scopes to locate are NGC 7079 an edge on spiral best observed with a 20 cm telescope, however, 15 cm may show a faint streak in a good dark sky.

NGC 7205 on the border of Tucana will require 20 cm to show a fairly bright diffuse galaxy.