Abbreviation: Ret

Genitive: Reticuli

English: The Net

Size Ranking: 82nd

Area: 114 square degrees

Fully Visible: 23°N – 90°S

Reticulum was introduced in the 1750’s by Lacaille to commemorate a grid-like device used during his surveys of the southern sky. This device is known as a reticle, which is used in telescope eyepieces for measuring star positions. The constellation  lies near the Large Magellanic Cloud, which lies in adjacent Dorado. It was originally known as Reticulum Rhomboidalis.

The suggested path to locate Reticulum is to create a line between Canopus, αCar, and Achernar, αEri.

Move to the midpoint of this line then drop toward the SCP a distance approximately 1/18th the length of the line, to arrive at αRet. The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) will be nearby to the celestial west-south-west.

Features of Interest:

αRet, is the brightest star in this constellation at magnitude 3.3. It is a yellow giant star 163ly away.

βRet, is an orange star of magnitude 3.8 and distance 100ly.

ζRet, is a wide naked eye or binocular double of near-identical yellow main-sequence stars similar to the Sun. ζ1 and  ζ2 are of magnitude 5.5 and 5.2 respectively and are 39ly away.


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