Astronomy is a profession and a hobby. Like any interesting subject, it is important to understand the basic fundamentals to have a good foundation to build on. This web site is designed for the beginner of any age, providing a simple understanding of astronomy and the tools of the trade.

This web site is a basic introduction to astronomy providing you with information that explains a little of the things that amateur astronomer do and the equipment they use. Each menu selection is a self contained introduction that overviews the topic and provides a starting point in observing and what to expect.

What Are..


Learn how to locate the planets and which ones are the best to look for.

Telescope Mounts

Learn the difference between different mounts and how they work.

Solar Systems

Learn more about the solar system and the planets.


Learn more about our night sky, the different types of galaxies and what to look for.


What is a nebula and how did they form? Learn how nebulas are the playground for new stars.


Constellations are maps of the sky. Learn how to recognise and name some of these maps

There is also our Beginners Corner where you can take some lessons on astronomy and how to maximise your astronomical experience.